Taking a Sunday drive around the Yorkshire Dales and the Forest of Bowland

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Designer Patrick Grant drives through the beautiful countryside in the Forest of Bowland - Credit: Chris Floyd

Since the roadmap to restriction easing was unveiled by the government in February, Brits have shown a clear drive to get back on the road, with Google searches for ‘UK Drives’, ‘Sunday Drives’, and ‘Best Driving Routes’ rising by 92%, 46% and 44%, respectively.

This follows the trajectory of lockdown 1.0 and 2.0, which saw a similar trend emerge, as restrictions were lifted and we looked for new ways to escape, explore and enjoy new scenery , whilst still being unable to spend a night away from home. Now, while being at home we may have got into the habit of sitting in our comfies all day and are struggling to find an excuse to get dressed up,  the perfect solution could be just around the corner.


In light of this trend, BMW has teamed up with designer, Patrick Grant, to talk about the “Revival of the Sunday Drive” and how it’s emerged as a stylish occasion. “Over the past year we’ve learnt to slow down and appreciate the smaller things. We’re lucky in this country that most people live thirty minutes from somewhere spectacularly beautiful that makes our soul feel better. The Sunday Drive is the perfect opportunity, to get dressed up, plan a route, make a beautiful picnic and spend time out on the road in nature.”

Click here to view the details of the route around the Forest of Bowland and the Yorkshire Dales

If you feel that staying within the confines of your car isn't what you need after spending the last few months indoors, you can combine a drive with a nice walk in the countryside.

The potential easing of the lockdown in the next few weeks, will mean that we no longer have to limit ourselves to 'local walks' during the sunny months.

The A59 passes by some of the finest countryside in the UK, and there a number of great walks just waiting for you as the road meanders from Yorkshire to Lancashire.

Click here for a selection walks near the A59.

We also have some walks close to the junctions of the M6 and M65 motorways. 

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