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The Right at Home teams around the UK consistently receive outstanding reviews - Credit: Right at Home

Multiple studies have shown that when people receive care at home they have a reduced risk of hospital admissions and higher levels of happiness and satisfaction. This applies to the increasingly frail, those in the early stages of dementia, those with mild learning disabilities and those with physical disabilities. Yet, any of us who have been faced with choosing who to invite to enter their home and be responsible for their wellbeing knows that it is one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make. What if we get it wrong? What if we place the care of our vulnerable relative in the hands of someone so rushed, or uncaring, that the reverse of what we seek to achieve should happen?

This is something that Ben Selby, owner of Right at Home South Cheshire, fully understands.

“Like most of my colleagues, I got into the care at home business because of a personal experience,” he says. “I was seeking home care for my grandfather and it wasn’t good. I have worked in the sector for almost 20 years now, and what’s really great about Right at Home is its absolute focus on quality of life for the person at home and their families.”

Being part of a national franchise offers many benefits, not least being able to understand and follow best industry practice and a constant connection with new developments in care. However, this knowledge isn’t what delivers the outstanding reviews the Right at Home teams around the UK consistently receive, or the never less than Good or Outstanding rating from the Care Quality Commission.

“That comes from a mix of policy, procedure and, most important of all, recruiting the right people,” Ben says. “With Right at Home, the preferred minimum visit time is one hour. This allows the carer not only to undertake the practical tasks required of them, but also to have the time to interact with and get to know their clients. Time to chat, to go for a walk, to bake, even to help a client use Facetime to speak to relatives, is a healing, caring thing.

With Right at Home, the preferred minimum visit time is one hour

With Right at Home, the preferred minimum visit time is one hour - Credit: B.G.PHOTOGRAPHY

“When we recruit, we look first for empathy, a truly caring person who wants to make a positive difference in people’s lives. We can teach the technical stuff, it’s the inherent qualities of our care givers that make them successful.”

After joining, there is classroom-based training and then a period of time spent shadowing an experienced carer, before being introduced to their own clients.

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“Before any carer starts working with any client,” Ben says, “we take them to meet their clients and the often the family. This ‘get to know you’ session is vital. Through this we can be sure everybody understands what is required, the concerns of the family and be sure that the person at home doesn’t feel anxious that a ‘stranger’ is going to be entering their home.”

As further reassurance, Right at Home uses a care planning app that not only tracks the carer and client interaction, but is accessible in real time by family members, thus providing peace of mind that a loved one is safe. It then encourages the family to interact with Right at Home, based on this information.

Without doubt, keeping an elderly person safe at home for as long as possible is the best thing for them, both physically and emotionally, and now as coronavirus takes the elderly so easily, it’s especially vital.

“It really is the safest way to be supported,” says Ben. “All our teams have the best PPE, fresh for every visit. We help people remain independent and in control of their lives, we reduce isolation and loneliness – and all the associated health risks – and can keep an eye on physical health too.

“Our watchwords are companionship, conversation and care. It’s no more than they deserve.

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