TV weather presenter Owain plans to explore Lancashire more

Weather presenter Owain Wyn Evans in the North West Tonight studio

Owain in the North West Tonight studio - Credit: BBC

He presents the weather for the region every night, but Owain Wyn Evans has hardly had a chance to explore Lancashire since he moved here 18 months ago. 

For most of the time since he re-located to Manchester the country has been in lockdown, but he has big plans for when restrictions are lifted. 

In an exclusive interview with Lancashire Life, the flamboyant weather presenter said: ‘I’ve not had much of a chance to get round the North West because of Covid. 

‘I have spent some time in Blackpool and in Morecambe, pre-lockdown and I’m looking forward to getting back to the coast. I love to be by the sea, so as soon as I can, that’s where I’ll be going. I want to investigate Lancashire more.’ 

The 37-year-old started working for North West Tonight in September 2019 and has become known for his trademark three-piece suits and stylish accessories. 

‘When I first started doing the weather there was no weather presenter who really went for it and was flamboyant, so I bought some snazzy ties and whatnot. I bought some three piece suits and pocket squares. 

‘I spend a lot of time putting a theme together. Deciding what to wear is a fine balance, it wouldn’t be appropriate to wear a glittery suit on the news, but viewers want something a bit lighter by the end of the news and some good news. Even if the weather is completely rubbish, I try to put a positive spin on it.’

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Owain, who also now presents the national weather on BBC Breakfast, is also well known for his drumming. Before he moved into television, he was planning to make a career in music and a video of him drumming along to the BBC News theme went viral last year.

‘It just went bonkers,’ he added. ‘Within minutes my phone was getting hot because it was trying to deal with so many retweets and likes. It was amazing. When I’m not working, drumming takes up a lot of my time, but I’ve gone electronic now and the neighbours are thrilled!’

* To read more about Owain, see the May issue of Lancashire Life and the Lancashire Life app.

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