When it comes to re-decorating your home - it’s all in the detail...

Dowsing & Reynolds High Pigment Paint

Dowsing & Reynolds High Pigment Paint - Credit: Archant

Giving your home a spruce-up, undertaking a renovation or doing it up so you can move on to bigger and better things?

Dowsing & Reynolds 5 point 40 frosted bauble gold

Dowsing & Reynolds 5 point 40 frosted bauble gold - Credit: Archant

When it comes to making your home stand out from the crowd, Dowsing & Reynolds believe it’s the attention to detail that’s going to sell it. The considered placement of striking fixtures and stylish accents will give your home the edge - design details matter. 

Creating kerb appeal is simple with their range of stylish outdoor lights - they’re the perfect welcome. Making an impact in the hallway is taken care of with their range of statement lights. Get the ambience just right by using a dimmer - the knurling detail on theirs make them beautiful in their own right. 

Dowsing & Reynolds Magni Large Leather Handles

Dowsing & Reynolds Magni Large Leather Handles - Credit: Archant

Dowsing & Reynolds’ highly desirable sockets and light switches feature eye-catching details and come in six exclusive finishes. Dare to show these off rather than strategically hiding them. 

Instantly transform your kitchen by swapping the unit door handles. The way a handle feels as you open a cupboard or drawer is just as important as how good it looks.

Or spark joy with one of their Miami Colour Pop taps. You’ll be charmed by these striking details, the perfect accent to a neutral scheme.

A coat of high pigment paint invigorates any room; their capsule collection means you can mix and match the colours safe in the knowledge that they’ll all look great together. And finally, the finishing touches. Table lamps add low-level lighting that’s perfect for creating just the right mood - super-realistic faux foliage brings the outside in making your home feel more relaxed.

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Dowsing & Reynolds has everything you need to update, renovate, and titivate your home at their beautiful showroom in the Victoria Quarter, Leeds.

They believe that design details matter. The subtle beauty of a light switch and how pleasing it sounds as you turn it on. The way a kitchen handle feels to the touch as you open a cupboard. A statement light to create just the right ambience.

Dowsing and Reynolds specialise in detail. They are passionate about improving the aesthetics of everyday things. Curious to see how they can make the often-overlooked, boring items in your home more beautiful. It’s these striking fittings and stylish accents that make your home as remarkable as you.

Discover many more treasures at their showroom in the Victoria Quarter.


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