5 cocktails you must try this Christmas

Is your Christmas complete without a cocktail or two? PHOTO: Derryn Vranch

Is your Christmas complete without a cocktail or two? PHOTO: Derryn Vranch - Credit: Archant

The Bird hotel in Bath has put together an exclusive list of delicious cocktail recipes in time for the big day

Champagne colada


50ml DMF Coconut

50ml pineapple juice

50ml single cream

25ml lime juice

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10ml coconut syrup


1. Mix together the above ingredients.

2. Top with Champagne.

3. Shake over ice.

4. Top with Champagne again.

Garnish: lime wheel


Marmalade madness


25ml Chase Marmalade vodka

25ml Cointreau

20ml gomme

20ml lemon juice



Shake all liquid over ice with half a jar of marmalade.

Garnish: marmalade at bottom of glass and dehydrated orange wheel


Winter collins


35ml Remy Martin 1738

15ml lemon juice

20ml honey

75ml soda water

15ml crème de cassis


1. Stir cognac, lemon and honey in highball over ice.

2. Top with soda.

3. Layer cassis on top.

Garnish: mint leaf

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chocolate orange negroni


25ml Mount Gay Black Barrel

20ml Antica Formula

20ml Campari

20ml Mozart dark chocolate liqueur

20ml Cointreau


Stir all ingredients in tumbler over ice.

Garnish: flamed orange peel


Toffee apple punch


40ml Mount Gay Black Barrel

15ml caramel syrup

15ml lime juice

2 dash Angostura bitters

150ml apple juice


Shake all ingredients over ice.

Garnish: caramel shard


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